Now if this happens, electric vehicles might finally take off. Here’s an article about a company in Europe that claims to have a new EV battery that can recharge in about a minute. 

We’ve seen many of these hyped-up claims of fast charging, some have panned out and some haven’t, but this one seems promising. And if it turns out to be true, forget about resistance to the adoption of EVs, this solves the problem.

The biggest reason for many people resisting the adoption of EVs is that they don’t want to sit at some unknown remote charging station for 2-3 hours while they’re waiting for their car to charge. It’s inconvenient and it adds personal safety risks that may be a deal breaker for some people. If this company can really produce these EV batteries and do so at a reasonable price for manufacturers, electric vehicles have a much better chance of wider adoption.

More importantly, it will help EVs become easier to own in urban and rural areas. In the suburbs, you can charge in your garage overnight, but it’s not that easy elsewhere. If you live in a city and park on the street, where are you expected to charge? If you’re in a rural area without a home charging station, again, where are you expected to charge? The ease of charging and affordability will have a major impact on the evolution of our transportation methods. 

This company, if its claims turn out to be true, could help bridge the gap between charging availability for both new and used EVs and lead to more widespread adoption of electric vehicles.