There’s been a lot in the news recently about electric vehicles. The new Inflation Reduction Act introduces fresh incentives and rules regarding electric vehicle tax credits. While specifics and calculations are still under analysis, our website,, will provide updates on these requirements. Notably, income limits now restrict eligibility, aiming to exclude high-income individuals from receiving these credits. Moreover, there are price caps on vehicles to prevent credits for luxury EVs. Import-supported electric vehicles won’t qualify—only domestic ones like Ford and others.

Price Shifts and EV Purchases
Considering these changes, acting quickly might be wise. Ford, around the same time as these regulations, announced price hikes for their eligible electric vehicles. The F-150 Lightning and E Mustang will see increases ranging from $6,000 to $8,500, depending on the model. To benefit from tax credits, making a purchase before these price adjustments take effect could be advantageous. General Motors is also contemplating similar adjustments, so staying informed is crucial.

Matching timing and incentives
Amidst these alterations in electric vehicle pricing and incentives, aligning your purchase timing and choice of model becomes essential. Our website will feature comprehensive lists of calculations and necessary forms. However, it’s vital to sync your buying strategy with the optimal availability of these incentives. Stay updated and make informed decisions regarding your electric vehicle purchase.