We’ve discussed the hurdles to convincing consumers to switch to electric vehicles: price, charging infrastructure, and range. However, one often overlooked aspect is repair and maintenance. As electric cars gain popularity, the question of servicing them becomes critical.

Service Challenges in Dealerships
Car dealerships are witnessing a surge in electric vehicle sales, but servicing these vehicles presents a new challenge. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine cars, EVs have fewer moving parts and different repair requirements, demanding specialized training for technicians.

Training and Expertise Gap
The mechanics at these dealerships are experienced in fixing gasoline vehicles but lack substantial expertise in EV repairs. Training programs for EVs take considerable time—weeks or even months—keeping technicians away from their usual work and incurring costs for the dealership.

Investment in Equipment
Transitioning to servicing EVs involves substantial investments in specialized equipment and tools. Manufacturers like General Motors mandate dealerships invest significant amounts—up to $200,000—for service equipment, testing, diagnostic tools, and special equipment, leading some dealerships to opt for buyouts instead.

Technician Certification and Readiness
Manufacturers like General Motors require dealerships to have a minimum of two fully trained technicians, involving about 60 courses for certification. Despite this requirement, only a fraction of technicians have completed the transition, leaving many dealerships unequipped to handle EV servicing.

Implications and Future Challenges
With only a small percentage of technicians fully ready for EV servicing, challenges persist. Despite the relative simplicity of EV maintenance compared to traditional vehicles, dealerships face hurdles in stocking parts and having adequately trained staff for this technological shift. Customer experiences with EV servicing will play a significant role in determining the ease of this transition for dealerships.

Your experiences and predictions
If you own an electric vehicle, have you faced servicing challenges? From tires to batteries, EVs require maintenance. Share your experiences dealing with dealerships. Do you believe this transition will be smooth for new car dealerships, or will it continue to pose significant hurdles? Your insights contribute to understanding the ongoing shift towards electric vehicles.