What’s happening with electric vehicles? Are you going to need to get one? Well, it seems like it’s another instance where the government and industry are planning for a future dominated by electric cars. Most major automakers, such as General Motors, Honda, and Stellantis (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram), are investing a billion dollars in a joint venture to create thousands of EV Chargers. This substantial investment indicates that they expect a significant demand for EVs.

Currently, people aren’t rushing to buy EVs; they are piling up in dealers’ lots. Nevertheless, the manufacturers’ billion-dollar investment suggests that they are either anticipating a surge in demand or trying to drive sales by providing sufficient charging infrastructure. They may be preparing for a future where gasoline vehicles will no longer be sold like Stellantis already announced in 14 major states.

It’s clear that the shift towards EVs is happening, whether we like it or not. However, one concerning aspect is the issue of fire claims related to EVs. Lithium-ion battery fires are causing concerns and casting a shadow over the new technology. Pictures of burned EVs and incidents like a ship carrying Mercedes EVs catching fire raise valid questions about the safety of these vehicles.

While the fires are a real issue, it remains to be seen if the manufacturers can address and resolve these problems over time. Despite the challenges, the push toward electric vehicles seems inevitable, and it’s essential for automakers to address safety concerns and improve the technology to ensure a smooth transition to an EV-dominated future.