Wait, you can actually get somebody to pay you twenty-seven thousand dollars to buy an EV? Well, apparently, it is true. In the state of California, there is a program where the state will incentivize you to buy an electric vehicle for twenty-seven thousand dollars. Now, according to the article, it might be a little tricky to apply, but the potential reward is significant.

The Program’s Details
So, what’s the catch? The way the program works, according to the documents we’ve seen, is that you have to make less than a hundred and fifty thousand a year. They call it low income, but you can actually get money up to a hundred and fifty thousand a year. The vehicle you buy also has to be worth less than seventy thousand dollars. So, you can’t buy a vehicle that costs seventy thousand or more. However, if your income is less than $150,000 and your vehicle costs under $750, you’re in luck.

Opportunities for Used Electric Vehicles
That’s for a new EV. If it’s a used EV, your income has to be less than seventy-five thousand. The interesting part is that you can avail of this incentive on a used electric vehicle. You get to pick which car; they don’t have to choose the car for you. It’s a combination of different programs, including those from the state, utility companies, and local government, adding up to a substantial twenty-seven thousand dollars.

Navigating the Complex Application Process
Now, the process might be confusing because it involves a combination of different programs. It’s a program from the state, your utility company, and your local government. You have to put together a package, much like applying for a grant or scholarship. But again, for twenty-seven thousand dollars, it’s worth going through the process and jumping through hoops to get a car, especially if it’s an electric vehicle.

Whether it’s an electric vehicle or any other kind, getting somebody to cover twenty-seven thousand of your car expenses is a significant saving. Check out the links below the video for more information about this incentive program. Feel free to put some comments in the chat, letting us know what it would take for the government to pay you to switch over to an electric vehicle.