If electric vehicles are going to become an extremely popular mode of transportation, one of the changes that needs to be made is where to charge them. Obviously, charging at home is a huge appeal for vehicle owners. It eliminates the need to visit gas stations or other locations for a fill-up. You can simply plug your electric vehicle into your home electric system and recharge it overnight.

The Costly Conundrum of Home Charging
However, the problem lies in the current necessity of installing an expensive home charging station. This involves substantial work, such as running wires and setting up a charge system with 240 volts and dual-mode circuits. The expense can range from $1500 to $3000, depending on the complexity of the installation.

A New Invention: Siemens’ Innovative Solution
Siemens, a major manufacturer of electrical products, has introduced a new home electric charger adapter that could potentially reduce some of these costs. This adapter hooks up directly to your electric meter, circumventing the need for an elaborate installation within your house. The device attaches to the electric meter’s glass bowl with a silver rim and a gray connector, requiring an electrician’s assistance but significantly less time and labor compared to traditional installations.

Simplified Installation Process
Instead of an electrician spending several hours wiring a complex charging system at an hourly rate, this adapter allows for a quicker setup. They can detach the meter, plug in this new adapter, reattach the meter, and voila! You now have a charging station in place. However, there are limitations; the electrical company must approve this method, and proximity to the vehicle for charging remains a factor.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Despite these limitations, this method presents a much more efficient and less expensive way to establish a home charging system. It’s worth keeping an eye out for its availability in your area if you’re considering an electric vehicle. This alternative installation method could be a game-changer, offering a viable alternative to a full-blown charging station inside your garage.