Okay, we all know by now that getting a deal on a new car is darn near impossible. Car dealerships often lack inventory, and when they do, many vehicles are marked up with stickers. So, how do you navigate this and find discounted models?

Using the search tool strategically
Let’s take the example of a Chrysler Pacifica and utilize the Chrysler Search tool to identify potential deals. By inputting specific criteria like model type and location, you can narrow down the search for potential discounts.

Analyzing the Current Inventory
Upon searching, you’ll find various matches in inventory, some exact and others near matches. Pay attention to the distribution of models available; for instance, in this case, there’s a significant presence of Pinnacle and Touring models, but limited ones are scarce.

Understanding Incoming Inventory
By toggling settings like “in transit,” you gain insight into what’s forthcoming. Here, it becomes evident that more Touring and Pinnacle models are on the way, while Limited models are scarce. This scarcity might impact potential discounts.

Predicting future trends
Understanding the future inventory flow helps predict availability and potential discounts. If you’re not in immediate need of a car, knowing what’s incoming can inform your decision to wait or act now.

Leveraging Knowledge for Negotiation
Armed with this insight, you’re better positioned in negotiations. Whether accepting a different model or aiming for a discount on an incoming higher-end model, this knowledge empowers negotiation.

Seizing Opportunities
This strategy might lead to securing discounts or identifying vehicles with rebates, ultimately aiding in navigating the challenging car buying landscape affected by the recent shortages.

The Power of Information
Knowledge of inventory trends allows you to make informed decisions and approach negotiations confidently in an otherwise difficult market.