The new Build Back Better law has brought forth a plethora of incentives for electric vehicles. These incentives encompass both new and used vehicles, introducing criteria such as income, value, and manufacturer specifications.

Diverse Sources of Incentives
Electric vehicle incentives aren’t limited to federal provisions like tax credits. States and localities across the country offer their own incentives, making it essential to explore what your area provides. Additionally, many utility companies and local cooperatives offer incentives, including support for installing chargers at home.

Varied Avenues for Benefits
The spectrum of incentives isn’t confined to governmental or energy-related entities alone. Employers may offer their own incentives, and even dealerships might provide some information. However, relying solely on dealerships might not cover all available incentives, underscoring the need for a comprehensive guide.

Leveraging a Resource: JD Power’s Guide
To ensure you’re not missing out on any incentives, utilizing a guide like the one provided by JD Power is crucial. This resource consolidates links to various credits, streamlining the process of identifying and benefiting from incentives. By leveraging such resources, offsetting the extra costs associated with purchasing electric vehicles becomes much more manageable.