Are electric vehicles over? Some articles claim that most electric vehicles are done. It seems there might be a backlash revolution against electric vehicles.

Moving on to today’s news, “Automotive News” and “Jalopnik,” one of our favorite automotive publications, share interesting insights. They say that Americans are showing reluctance towards an EV revolution and may not be buying as many electric cars. Apparently, there are more unsold EVs piling up on dealers’ lots, with some cases having three to four months’ worth of inventory. However, certain entities, referred to as the powers that be, argue against letting the free market decide. They propose that someone, likely the government or automotive manufacturers supported by the government, should step in to make the decision on EV adoption due to the perceived risks associated with allowing a free market.

In their opinion, Tesla is the only type of EV that makes sense, as several other car companies plan to build their electric vehicles with the Tesla charging standard. Therefore, purchasing a non-Tesla EV now might lead to future challenges in finding compatible charging stations. Tesla seems to be a more popular choice due to its aggressive pricing and status as an original mainstream manufacturer.

It’s worth considering the potential impact on used car values. When manufacturers lower the prices of new EVs, it can affect the value of used cars, as they are typically a percentage of the new car’s value. For instance, the recent price drop of $10,000 for the Ford F-150 Lightning may influence the value of used cars.

With the ongoing price adjustments and developments in the EV market, it’s essential to stay informed and weigh the pros and cons carefully when deciding which model to purchase.