A couple of weeks ago, there was news that new car sales of electric vehicles had surpassed 10 percent of all volume. Although not a majority, this represents significant growth compared to just a few years ago. One of the major obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles has been the availability of charging stations. According to this article, a national charging network is rolling out, aiming to address this challenge and potentially revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape.

Changing the Visibility of Charging Stations
Gas stations are prominently visible on every corner, but electric vehicle charging stations are not. The national charging network seeks to change this by making charging stations conspicuous and visible, challenging the perception that finding them is a daunting task.

Making Electric Charging Stations Prominent
The intention behind the national network is to make electric charging stations as visible and accessible as traditional gas stations. The article suggests that this change could alleviate concerns people have about buying electric vehicles due to fears of not finding charging stations.

Simplifying the Electric Vehicle Charging Experience
Currently, finding electric vehicle charging stations is compared to a cat-and-mouse game or a treasure hunt. The article emphasizes the importance of making EV charging stations easy to find, akin to the simplicity of locating gas stations for conventional vehicles.

The article suggests that when electric vehicle charging stations become as easy to find as gas stations, it could remove a significant barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. This change might encourage more people to consider and purchase electric vehicles.

The Impact on Car Dealerships
For new car dealers, the visibility of electric vehicle charging stations could become a crucial factor in selling EVs. The article argues that this aspect, more than advertising or discounts, could influence potential buyers to choose electric vehicles.

Transforming the Car-Buying Experience
The ease of finding charging stations, especially during trips, could transform the car-buying experience. The article suggests that if the national network achieves its goal, electric vehicles may become more appealing to consumers, potentially boosting sales in both new and used markets.