Well, we called this one a few months ago. In our previous video about insurance claims on electric vehicles, it was highlighted how insurance companies are now verifying that even small impacts or damages may total an electric vehicle.

The Expensive Nature of Vehicle Batteries
The reason for this lies in the fact that the vehicle battery is the most expensive part of a car. A minor impact not only affects the damaged body panels but can have severe implications for the vehicle’s battery.

In contrast, a gasoline vehicle typically doesn’t see significant damage to its engine in a minor collision. The engine of a gasoline car remains largely unharmed unless the impact directly affects it, unlike the vulnerable battery of an electric vehicle.

Sensitivity of Electric Vehicle Batteries
Exploring further, there’s a parallel drawn between electric vehicle batteries and sensitive electronic devices, like smartphones. A slightly damaged battery pack, even through vibration or minor collisions, can lead to shorted connections or breached cells, risking the integrity of the entire battery.

Moreover, electric vehicles may not appear heavily damaged externally, yet the battery, when impacted, may suffer significant harm. Emphasizing the deceptive nature of damages that might not be visible on the outside but can be critical to the vehicle’s functionality

Structural Differences in Electric Vehicles
The structural differences between gasoline and electric vehicles are highlighted, particularly the flat battery device that extends under the entire floor of an electric car. This design makes electric vehicle batteries more susceptible to damage from even a slight impact on the sides.

In comparison, gasoline vehicles require a more severe impact to cause damage deep into the engine bay. Explaining how, in gasoline vehicles, the engine is contained within a metal box, whereas the battery in electric vehicles spreads out to the edges, making it more prone to damage.

Financial Consequences for Electric Vehicle Owners
Delving into the financial implications for electric vehicle owners: In the event of a total loss due to minor damage, owners face not only the insurance deductible but also the cost of purchasing a new vehicle, potentially exceeding the amount received from the insurance payout.

Consumer Challenges with Total Loss
This financial risk poses a significant challenge for consumers. In the case of an electric vehicle being totaled, owners receive the actual cash value, which may not cover the cost of a new vehicle. This creates a situation where consumers may need to come out of pocket for a new electric vehicle.

In conclusion, the emphasis is that the risk of financial loss is considerably higher for electric vehicles compared to gasoline vehicles, especially in the context of minor collisions. The audience is invited to share their thoughts and experiences with electric vehicle damages in the comments section.