Anytime we see examples of EV battery replacement costs we always like to feature them here. Here’s an article from Green Cars, talks about the cost of replacing the battery. Here are some real-world examples that they talk about.  

The Prius might cost you $2,700, whereas a Tesla could cost $20,000. So that’s a big price range. The article states that the prices for lithium-ion battery packs have declined since 2007 which is a good thing because a Tesla Model S in 2020 would cost $16,000 before labor and that’s just for the part. In the future that might cost closer to $7,000 because the battery production costs may go down. In general, they’re talking about $89 per kilowatt hour in a couple of years. In a decade it might be $56 per kilowatt hour. As of 2020, the average cost was $137. The typical EV battery with 40-kilowatt hours could cost about $5K-$6K and some batteries could be $13,000, again that is without labor. Labor can cost another couple thousand. There’s also a used market for those. E-bay is a source for a used market. Nissan leaf and Chevy bolt had prices of $6,200 and $16,000 respectively. BMW I3 had a $13,500 battery. There’s a lot of range in what it costs to get a battery for those vehicles. 

The big question is going to be is it available? We’ve seen some vehicles that when they get older, there are no sources for batteries anymore. So if you are driving an electric vehicle and you see your capacity getting down because once it gets below seven 70% the factory warranty probably is going to kick in but if it’s still above 70%, and you’re not quite at the top yet, you may not have the ability to put in a warranty claim. So you might want to start looking at used batteries while they’re still available because there are already some that are out of production and you can’t get a new battery for your electric vehicle. If anybody’s put a battery in their electric vehicle as a replacement, put comments below to let us know how much it cost. If you have a copy of the receipt put it there. I’m sure the other viewers would like to see real-world examples of electric vehicle battery replacement.