A dealership in southern Oregon is redefining the narrative of promoting electric vehicles. Their commitment extends beyond selling Chevrolet EVs; they’re harnessing solar power to energize their business. The installation of massive solar panels on their roof marks a monumental step towards sustainability.

The Largest EV Hub in Southern Oregon
This dealership stands out as the largest electric vehicle dealer in the region, emphasizing their dedication to embracing renewable energy sources. Their initiative includes employing solar trackers that pivot with the sun’s movement, optimizing energy production throughout the day.

Aligning actions with advocacy
By integrating solar power to fuel the entire facility, this dealership epitomizes walking the talk. It’s not just about marketing electric vehicles; it’s about embodying their ethos through tangible actions. They’re investing in a future where their business operations align with their environmental commitments.

Solar-Powered Charging Stations
Their strategy extends beyond the dealership’s energy needs. Every car charging station on-site is powered by solar energy. This approach not only highlights their commitment to sustainability but also provides a practical demonstration of the synergy between electric vehicles and renewable energy sources.

Setting an Example for EV Dealerships
For any electric vehicle dealership, adopting solar power to generate energy for operations could set a benchmark. It’s a tangible demonstration of belief in the technology they advocate. This dealership’s approach serves as an inspiration for others to integrate renewable energy solutions into their business models, fostering a more sustainable future.