Well, I guess they’re really serious about electric vehicles. After this batch of news, it all came out within 48 hours, all three US manufacturers came out with very serious news. 

First, Ford is constructing the largest manufacturing facility ever. This is the biggest auto plant ever. It’s a brand-new factory in Tennessee that is bigger than any other plan they’ve ever built for electric vehicles. A completely new electric truck, this plant is only for the truck. Not for other electric vehicles at the same time.

Second, Chrysler in the Wall Street Journal, announced that they’re going to be all-electric by 2028. We’ve seen some manufacturers and states talking about 2030 or 2035 being switched over, but Chrysler is upping their game by 2028. Look that’s only five years away. That’s nothing. There are some car loans that are being issued right now five or six-year loans on new cars that you buy today. That won’t be paid off by the time you won’t be able to buy a gas vehicle from Chrysler. If you buy a car today with a five-year loan, when that loan is done you might not be able to buy a Chrysler gas car. That’s what we talked about in a prior video, the car you buy right now could be your last gasoline car. 

What about General Motors as well? They’re investing three-quarters of a billion dollars in creating an Ohio plant for EV parts. This is just for parts. Three-quarters of a billion. They’re going to build transmissions for electric vehicles. 

What about outside of manufacturing? Hertz Rent-A-Car company is teaming up with BP the oil company to install thousands of EV chargers in the US. They’re going to have high-traffic sites and are open to the general public with EV chargers. So I guess if you take all this together it means that they’re really serious about this. All three manufacturers, Rent-A-Car companies, and oil companies, they’re going in full blast with electric vehicles. 

Plan your future accordingly. By the turn of this decade, gasoline vehicles might be like horse and buggy. Might not be able to get any. If Chrysler is not going to build any gas vehicles within five years by the time you get five-six years from now it might be tough to get any. And even if you can, they might not be that desirable. People might not want them. So plan your life plan your future development. Maybe you put an EV charger in your garage even if you don’t have an EV, it would be cheaper today than it will be in three years with inflation.