This is a great resource from JD Power and Associates about how to find all the incentives for you for electric vehicles both new and used. The new build back better law signed has a lot of new incentives for electric vehicles including used ones. Now there are some criteria they’ve introduced some income requirements, some value requirements, and also where there are manufacturing requirements. However, there are many places where electric vehicles have incentives. You have the federal. incentives federal tax credits. You also have state and local incentives. Every state has some type of incentive for electric vehicles. Many utility companies have incentives. So your electric company, maybe having an incentive, or maybe you have local cooperatives that can help offset the cost of putting a charger in your house. Some employers have incentives. You’re also going to find that dealers might have some input on this but you don’t want to necessarily get it from the dealer because they may not know all of them. You want to use this guide from JD Power, which gives you all the links to the various credits so you can make sure that you’re not missing out on any that makes it easier to offset the additional costs of purchasing a new or used electric vehicle.