Are Used Electric Vehicles the Wave of the Future?

So, are used electric vehicles the wave of the future, or is it a dud waiting to happen? Well, according to a lot of recent market reports, the prices of used EVs are dropping dramatically. Automotive news says used EV vehicles, both new and used, are becoming more affordable. Inside EVs takes it a step further, stating that used electric vehicle prices are plummeting, and there’s more of those being sold than new cars. It could be that the new electric vehicles are getting so expensive that people are looking at used electric vehicles as an opportunity to buy and get a good deal. Or is it because EVs are just bad news to begin with?

Mercedes’ Struggle with New EVs

One new car manufacturer is finding out that maybe people don’t want new EVs as much as they want to sell them. Mercedes, according to the article, is finding that customers aren’t as excited about new EVs as the company is. Dealers say they need an “IT” car that people want, and the EQS is not it. What are your thoughts on this?

The Challenge of Electric Vehicle Heating

Also, this person says, “I bought my EV when people said it’s the future, but I have to lose miles of range if I don’t want to freeze to death.” That’s because when you run the heater in an electric vehicle, it sucks up a lot of the battery. Think about it: if you have a little portable electric heater or a microwave—anything that heats stuff in your house—it uses the most electricity. The three most prominent heating devices in your house—your hot water heater, your stove, and your dryer—all have big 220 plugs and consume a lot of electricity.

Why isn’t this a problem with gasoline vehicles? Well, because they use the engine to generate heat. The engine is already generating heat; a gasoline engine is called an ICE (internal combustion engine), with “combustion” being the key word. Gasoline is burning inside that engine, creating a lot of heat, and they simply route some of that heat inside your car, keeping you nice and toasty warm. An electric vehicle does not have that luxury; you have to use and drain the battery to get heat. This might be one of the reasons why electric vehicles are not as exciting as some manufacturers want them to be. What do you think?